09/14/2015 14:47

Nowadays WhatsApp has penetrated so much in our lives that now all different kinds of things and ideas are being shared over it amongst users. Even things which are not supposed to be shared on this kind of online communication platforms are also shared. Nevertheless, as it’s a free app user likes to take full advantage of this one popular Smartphone communication app to make and remain in contact with people they want. Mostly, teenagers are found guilty of sharing weird sort of thing too with their friends via WhatsApp and even share funny ideas with a faction of people in group created on WhatsApp.

This is undoubtedly a blissful thing for millions of users, letting them limitlessly share their thoughts and ideas with any other WhatsApp user - no matter where ever they are in this world. Because, the app is equally popular in all parts of the world and comprise all nationalities user on this sole platform. But, most of the conversations being made on WhatsApp are about the lighter side of life, uses just tend to have a good time while having instant chats with people they want. Now, even some funny status ideas for WhatsApp are also shared amongst users to get or make some insanely funny status messages for Whatsapp to amaze other contacts.

Although, countless status messages are available online on various websites for users to simply copy and paste them into your profile. Also, users have the liberty of choosing the best ones amongst all types of thousands of status messages available in the archives of various websites.

Going back to the point I was trying to formulate above that as WhatsApp is an open platform with keeping complete privacy intact. Therefore, even app is made encrypted also by its developers that even with the use of modern technology tools - cannot invade in any other WhatsApp users chat. Therefore, people share every kind of

So, there is no harm in sharing different ideas of any kind with other users, although it’s somehow benefits and an opportunity for users. By using this platform where all most every Smartphone is user is registered to interact with the ones you want and acquire knowledge of any paradigms you think the other person is better equipped with. And can also take advantage from other people experience in any regard by exchanging your thoughts with them and getting their response on them.

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